Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Dance Recap

Wow, I am the lucky one that gets to re-cap the final game of the season. I am typing this as I sit here wearing the yellowed, smelly spirit hat....

August 17, 2008---

It all started with a large nip of the Captain. That's what I needed to play shortstop against men anyway. This game was very unlike the others. It had been balls to the wall, nerve wracking competition (as much as rec ball can be) for the previous few weeks. It was do or die as each victory brought us closer to those elusive Champaign Park District jackets. Finally, we had clenched those jackets and we could now have some fun.

It was a lineup very unlike our previous ones. Our fearless leader Mike Cation just wanted to have some fun and didn't care if we won. Besides, we had little hope for victory as we were playing without Scot, Holly and Cherv. So, we mixed things up by putting people in random positons and thanks to Title IV, we played with more girls than guys. Here are the highlights:

  • We had to quickly learn the "names" of our new teammates
  • This was blown when Michelle Ryan introduced herself to "Taylor" while standing on first
  • Alex made his second start without a single walk thanks to a new relaxation technique
  • Mike managed to make an amazing out without really catching a ball
  • I ran the wrong direction when attempting to field the first ball hit to me
  • The other team cried foul when they thought we batted two men in a row, Micki quickly dispelled this myth by offerring to show them her new relaxation technique
  • We celebrated at Rocks and showed our age by asking them to turn the music down
  • We learned that their potato skins are made primarily of onions

Do to my extra snort of Captain, I'm having trouble coming up with more highlights. HELP!


Mike said...

First of all, it's not really the last dance, so much as an end for a month. Or less.

Second, I would also like to point out Jamie's wonderful unassisted double play, and the fact that she finally was able to knock one to the fence in the co-rec league. w00t!

Third, despite our obvious domination of the league, and the fact that we clinched last week, it is now 72 hours later, and we haven't received our congratulatory email, informing us of our impending jackets.

Fourth, congrats to Glenn for surviving his hamstring.

Fifth, thanks to Taylor and Dasso.

RomanX said...

It isn't so much surviving as just limping along. On the upside...if we decide to go as pimps to the Halloween party..I am golden...I have a built in limp!

Benny T said...

I think my appearance in the Crackmonkey summer 2008 finale showed my dire need to improve my suaveness. Not only did I try to blow my cover when Michelle introduced herself to me, I also tried to blow Mike's stupendous non-catch by yelling "Way to keep it in front!!" Smooth, JT/Big Poppa

M-Ryan said...

I yelled, "Nice try, Mike!"