Thursday, January 22, 2009

.....and we're back......

with the dramatic story of how James Ivaska saved Christmas.
Or, at the very least, the Crackmonkey volleyball season.
The volleyball team was at a crossroads with Tony still on the shelf with his massive internal surgery, and there was talk from the captain about scrapping the season completely. When James heard the woeful tale while drinking at the Blind Pig, he offered to play, and hence we're back. And it certainly will set up a tense match when we play James' old team, who will try to Gillooly one of us.

The team is now 2-0, after last night's 2-nothing win over SCUDMissile, minus the SCUDMissile himself. Beef sustained the first injury, what she deemed a hip pointer, as if she'd have any clue. My diagnosis was a hip bruise.

In true Monkey style, there was a sexual incident, as Jamie ignored Mike's request for oral sex on the court. That didn't stop Mike from attempting it anyways.

Jamie proved once again a capable and enjoyable sub, Jill was as stuck up as always, Alex didn't kill anybody, Beef bitched about her hip, and James wanted to play soccer.

Beers were had, although Beef continues to put coke in hers. So foul.

Kathy rejoins the team next week.
That is all for now, enjoy your week.


Teach said...

and the blogs are back! Yeah!

Jamie said...

Oh my God, I'm cracking up. And having flashbacks from the oral sex incident.