Monday, April 27, 2009 one is in the books.....

So, normally, the Spirit Hat award winner has to do the game recap, however, Beef was a fill-in, so we didn't make her do it.
Let's see. Some highlights from last night's thrilling 17-11 victory:
-Mike in full on panic mode about pitching.
-Sue's hair.
-Glenn running past Sue.
-Alex slowing down twice, yet still hitting a "home run."
-Michelle Ryan's heartfelt "ohhhhhh."
-Scot and Jamie's struggles with the wind.
-Tony's half slide, followed by running home after 3 beers.
-Webbie's gapper.
-Holly getting angry at the umpire, then wondering, "Did he hear me?"

Alex, Webbie, and I will be gone next week. WIN WIN WIN without us. Glenn is captain. Good luck to all of you.


Tony said...

I am not sure if it was the sprinting, the run home, or the beers, but I am sore today. Well done everyone at the game last night.

DaHouse said...

Well done ladies and gents!

Michelle Ryan said...

I don't remember saying, "oooooh," but I do recall a hearty "DRAT!" when Holly fouled out.