Friday, August 14, 2009

well, i'll start by apologizing for being so negligent and late with my post. so much for my spirit award!! :)
our season finale ended in true monkey fashion... with a big bang! nothing like a 10-run rule win to go out on. it was good to see mike return to the mound and conquer his fears as he lead us out of the season with his fine managerial and pitching skills. special thanks to mike for being our fearless leader through out the season! it's been an exciting season, scot got new shoes, after all. our crew of extremely competent gals were joined by a new member, little d.-- a fine f*cking addition to the team! we had the first monkey kicked out of the park, that i'm aware of anyway. alex, i think you just must have been too tense that evening, we should have prepared better. ;) we also learned that in my advancing age, sometimes getting around all 4 bases makes it tricky for me to stay on my feet. we had some great subs, some super fans, including lots of parents this year. you all are a talented, great bunch of folks and so much fun to play with. i'm proud to be a monkey. looking really forward to the social activities this fall, do we need to form committee? by popular demand, bowling and pizza is up first. let's start looking for a date, can't wait to see you all!
p.s. i don't intend for this to serve as the comprehensive season recap, i'll put someone more clever in charge of that!

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