Monday, April 19, 2010

One big win in the books....

Our first game is now in the books, and this is your Captain speaking. I'm honored to have received the spirit award for not having legs that responded the way I expect them to. More about that in a minute.

The game got off to a pretty slow start. It took the Monkeys 3 innings to get the bats in order, as we were as cold as the weather, as evidenced by our 3 fans in the picture. The Treehuggers took a 3-nothing lead based on Mike's inability to play with a small ball in his hand, and a couple of solid hits for them.

Eventually, things began going our way. Alex hit the team's first home run of the year...Michelle Ryan made multiple good plays on defense, including a lunge/fall to tag someone out at first...Derek Houston tried to direct traffic in the outfield from his unusual spot at second, which looked like he was giving a Micki special to some...

Eventually, we had a 20-6 victory. For yours truly, it was an eventful one. After pitching 3 innings with mixed success, I went to the outfield to try my hand out there. So, I had run 13 miles on Saturday night (Lookatme!), and was still a little tired from a long few days. There was a ball hit to short left, and I sprinted towards it. I knew that running through it, I couldn't catch it. So I decided to dive. Unfortunately, what should have been a lay out that looked like a slide ended up with my knees just catching the ground and me sprawling on the ground, because my knees and calves didn't want to push off. As a result, this morning, I've got one lumpy right knee, because of the massive bruise. Brilliant.

Also, in what I believe to be a first in Crackmonkey softball, I intentionally got an out to end the top of the 6th inning, with the score 20-6. It was cold and windy, everyone wanted to go home, and despite having ducks on the pond, I hit a two bouncer back to the pitcher, on purpose, so we could start going home.

All in all, a successful game, and something to build on for next week, when we're shorthanded once again.

Lots of love.

El Captain

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