Friday, June 11, 2010

I really didn't forget...

...I just didn't have Mike Cation yelling at me at work to write my game recap. Okay, I DID forget until last night. It was a memorable game, though, and I think I can recall the best parts.

It was another glorious Crackmonkey victory, as our undefeated season continues. Our rivals? Seven Saints - home of fantastic sweet potato fries and ranch dressing. We were without Jamie, who was at the top of the Empire State building. Also, Captain Mike Cation was notably absent, but no one knows exactly where he was. North Carolina? Tennessee? Has anyone heard from him? Have his cats killed Liz yet?

I don't remember the score but we were one run shy of the 15-run rule. True to form, things were close until...well, the second inning, when we scored nine (I think) runs and ran away with the game. And despite the searing rays of sun that blinded us in the field, our defense was especially strong.

  • Tony made some amazing catches. I'm not even sure that he could see the ball, but he was there and made it look easy.
  • Micki turned a double play with yours truly.
  • Alex again faced Bob, his nemesis in blue. He remained cool under the pressure and the duo even shared a few laughs. Well, Bob laughed and Alex was polite. Everyone is afraid when Bob is friendly.
  • Beef nearly took down the fence in a valiant attempt to catch a foul ball.

Other game highlights:

  • No one brought dessert OR rum, but we muddled through somehow.
  • Glenn hit a grand slam, hurting his knee at 1st when he missed the bag and lurched backwards to tag it. I batted next and Friendly Bob said, "Kind of a hard act to follow, eh?" Yes, he sure is. (Bob really does make me nervous.)
  • Liz hit a smash to left field!
  • Little D walked an awful lot. She's sure doing her part to fund a GREAT post-season party!
  • Tony stretched a double into a triple thanks to 3rd base coaching from Derrick. He genuflected going into 3rd and popped up again with the greatest of ease.
  • I was robbed of two pretty decent hits by their 6'5" shortstop, pictured below:

And that's why Stacey gave me the Spirit bar choice for the evening was the ever-popular Esquire. We needed (1) food (dumplings!!) and (2) a TV to watch the Blackhawks' game. Beef also provided us with an interesting drinking strategy, as she poured soda into her PBR. I guess that makes it palatable?

This Sunday's game is at 6:15!

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