Sunday, May 8, 2011


Okay, so I may have JUST realized that I had not yet wrapped up my captainly duties with a blog post… as if you needed any more proof that captaining the troops isn’t exactly my strong suit. Good thing turning nouns into verbs, adverbs and adjectives is though!

Anyhow, I am struggling to remember highlights of last week’s game a whole seven days later, but there are a few things I am sure of. It was a rainy cold night, we didn’t suck, Mike has some serious slip’n’slide skills, we got some solid hits, people crossed home plate, I did not successful break-up with Westfield by offing him with my foul ball, we won and Conner Voss is one sound sleeper! Craptaculious weather aside, I would say Chocolate Crack Thunder’s Monkeys Revenge looked good out there, way to go kids!

As the sprit hat of captainship passes to Voss Man tonight, I trust we will have a monkey of a good time with our usual thunderous showing on the field with all of its chocolatety revenge.

Oh yea, and one last thing… the next time you see Beef out make sure to get her some pineapple tequila, it is her favorite!

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