Thursday, November 6, 2008

halloween game

Our last game of the season coincided with dress up for Halloween night which provided great entertainment for the spectators, opposing team, and our own players. The highlights were watching Jamie run through the outfield pregnant and watching Cation try to hit with the mask on. My personal highlight was my in the park home run. Some of you (Scot) can do that every time, but I almost never hook that up.

I enjoyed playing softball with the Sarah Palin family this fall! Thanks for having me. I look forward to the match up next summer between the Crack Monkeys and Astronutz!


Brad said...

G, you really should start participating in Halloween; it's fun. You know what fun is right?

Michelle Ryan said...

I think Micki/Trig getting a hit while sucking on a pacifier was also a game highlight.

Fun season! Sorry I spent half of it on the bench.