Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well.....we played hard!

After a pretty sluggish game one, the Crackmonkeys rebounded to defeat the #1 team in game two last night, befor succumbing in game three. Pretty close match. Everyone had some highlights. Amber set incredibly well. Emily had some great hits. Alex learned how to say fuck it. Jill was, as always, the steadying force, with dependable passing, and dependable hitting, adjusting to my piss poor sets. And I actually put down a block, and scissor kicked.
Bad things: Amber once again thought I was yelling at her, when I was just talking very excitedly. Alex hurt himself. Jill gave me a revelation that I found quite disturbing.
We are planning a Crackmonkey Christmas. It will be on December 19th. Plan on being a part of it, if you read this blog.
Love you.


Teach said...

You are too kind. I love playing with you guys, every night is a blast:)

Leigh said...

Your team would be better if I was there to play! wink wink