Monday, July 27, 2009

Back with a vengance

The Crackmonkeys put one back in the win column in spite of torrential rain and some 6th inning violence. Everyone picked up their game and rallied to keep championship hopes alive. The game was highlighted by stellar defense and timely hitting (both the ball and the knee), which proved too much for the Underdogs with a final score of 11-9.

In true Crackmonkey fashion, here are some shout-outs:

  • Special thanks to our cheering section of Julia and her family, Michelle's parents, and anyone else out there who bled Crackmonkey yellow.
  • Also thanks to Rick who pitched a great game and was extremely solid with the bat.
  • Great job by the infield (Bav, Glenn, A Voss, Jamie, Micki, Michelle R) catching some line drives and making big time plays to get some outs.
  • The outfield (Webbie, Jamie, Cation, Scot, Little D) did an outstanding job getting to some balls and making plays.
  • Cation's toss from RCF to 2nd, which would have been great if he hadn't thrown it at Alex's back.
  • Scot's D Wise impression in the OF.
  • Scot's T Harding impression on the base path.
  • Michelle R's attempt to take out her Mom with a foul ball.
  • Little D's performance at f***ing El Toro.
Let's get 'em again next week!

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