Monday, July 20, 2009

This is late, but here's a recap of a 15-8 win, with the first ever Crackmonkey ejection:

Mr. Whiteley,

I am emailing you regarding my ejection during the 7:00 pm Crackmonkey/Plastipak game and asking you to consider waiving the 1-game suspension based on the circumstances surrounding my ejection.

I replaced our starting pitcher in the 3rd inning of the game. After being called for illegal pitches that were too high I was becoming frustrated with myself as I wasn't throwing strikes. On one pitch that I felt was a strike which was called a ball, I asked our umpire where the pitch was and he informed me it was too high. I felt I asked calmly and was merely asking for direction on what I needed to do to throw strikes. During the first few batters I feel the only actions I made showing frustration were that I caught 2 balls thrown from the catcher with my throwing hand and not my glove and also bounced the ball off the field back to myself twice.

Facing the next batter or two after I asked about the pitch mentioned above, I threw 2 balls for a 3-1 count. The next pitch I threw I felt was the best pitch of the day, it landed and the umpire hesitated but called it a strike. After the catcher threw the ball back to me I spoke, to myself, "That better effing (I did use the word) be a strike, Jesus Christ." I felt it was a quiet comment to myself and didn't feel I was addressing the umpire whatsoever. After the game our catcher and first baseman both said they didn't hear what I said. At this point our umpire yelled at me "One more word about balls and strikes, and you might as well be talking to your centerfielder, because you'll be out of here." To cordially acknowledge that I got the point I raised my hand and calmly replied "Thank you." At this point I was thrown out of the game.

Upon leaving the field, because I had a sense the umpire was extremely annoyed with me and I'm not aware of the protocol on whether ejected players need to leave the field, I asked the umpire if he'd like me to leave. He then yelled back at me to get out of here. I admit once this was said, I did throw my glove into the dugout fence, but then calmly left the field and waited for the end of the game in the parking lot.

I truly feel once the warning was given after my comment to myself that I was as polite as I could be in addressing the umpire and was letting him know he wouldn't hear anything from me. Also, multiple members of the opposing team and other non-team affiliated spectators were shocked that I was in fact ejected. In light of this I feel the 1-game suspension outlined in the league rules is an unnecessary penalty in this situation.

I appreciate your consideration and am willing to discuss this matter further if you deem necessary.

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