Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2-0, that's a winning streak!

First, "I'd like to apologi, to the fan" (from Sammy Sosa after corked bat incident) for the delayed post. I put myself on double-secret probation for the offense, thus making me ineligible for the spirit award until Webby returns to play again after the All-Star break.

Great win in our first true test of the season. Any game against a team with softball pant wearers will be constituted as a test. Gotta love the bats coming through in crunch time. Special props to all the runners, the birthday girl, and those who doen't believe in sleep for putting the Monkeys first and ignoring aches, pains, and nausea. Strong effort from Scot at the plate and in the field. We'll do our best to have oxygen in the dugout for the next game. Lastly, props to everyone in the field for flashing some leather and holding a strong offensive team to 4 runs.

In the spirit of playoff hockey, I'm treating my pitching while Bob is umping as a 7 game series. Right now, series is tied 1-1 after, what I call, a convincing shutout. I'm confident I'll grab home ice back after game 3. To commemorate my ejection last season, I thought I'd provide a video of what I think is the ejection of all ejections. I hope you enjoy.

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