Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where's the Beef

WARNING: watch the video first for the recap of how we started off the game!!!

this post is dedicated to those MIA this week- jamie, webbie, single T, bavs (i think that covers it, but please forgive me if i have missed anyone)

these boots are made for walking, walk like an egyptian, walk this way, i walk the line, walk like a man, walk on, walk on by, walk it out, long walk home, we walk, walk don't run, walk of life, walk idiot walk, walk the dinasaur, walk hard, walk on the wild side, walk on water, the walk, let's take a walk... anyway, you get the point.

other highlights included, but were not limited to: some great streches at 1st by chelray, an amazing catch and throw by little d, solid outfielding all around by alex, tony and liz-aster, an amazingly pitched game by our little mikey, derek buttering up the ump, all glenn wanted for his birthday was a pair of lesbians and instead he got a stinking homerun!!!!

3-0, holla! go monkeys!

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Rebma. said...

LMAO. I'm going to bring my own soda from now on! :)