Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swan dive into the best hungover game of your life...

So with Captain Cation’s blog stamp of approval and with a name listed under contributors, I feel special and ready to post…

It started off as a simple enough weekend away, with a beer boot shared amongst friends and polka lessons for all… but with 250 miles under our belt and one bar crawling dream to tackle, 20 (-ish) Crackmoneys new, old & honorary set off to hit up 20 bars Monkey style. Somewhere around bar 17, a second generation Monkey announcement and this picture (added soon, having some problems uploading), things get a little hazy…but I do believe it is safe to say that the Crackmonkey imprint as been left on the greater downtown Madison area and its people. Also, before I get to the game re-cap task at hand, let me say a big congratulations again to the Webb-Voss family that will be growing by ten fingers and ten toes soon enough!!

It was another great showing by the Crackmonkeys on the field on Sunday, especially seeing as a lot of us felt like flung poo. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that Lil D set the winning tone with that amazing, twisted, damn near the warning track, thievery of a catch out in right center in the 1st inning. Even the “ref” was impressed with that one.

Other highlights include (in no particular order):

  • Micki’s awesome double, followed by a great lead off, followed by an “oh sh*t” moment, followed by a slide back into second, followed by a bloody knee. This of course, didn’t stop her!
  • I am pretty sure there are some homerun claps to pass out as well. Scot made sure to leave the Crackmonkeys wanting more and Alex showed his gene pool is slugger worthy. ****HOMERUN CLAPS****
  • And an all around great showing at the plate from everyone.

Now please don’t quote me on the highlights or lack there of. By the way, so SORRY to anyone I might have missed, you can hit me later. This brings me to my next point…

Something that won’t be found on the Sportcenter’s Top 10, but still worth mentioning, for pointing and laughing purposes, would be my clock to the head… inflicted by a bat I was holding myself. But hey, seeing as I actually got a good hit for once after that, feel free to clobber me before all batting in the future. And it might have been the hit to the head, but I am fairly certain that Derek came back from their weekend wedding anniversary trip with a new Indiana accent… I had no idea the Taco Bell dog was from Indy. I kid, I kid! Overall, it was a GREAT game, played by a bunch of really great people! I’m honored to be a crackmonkey! As for this coming Sunday, make sure to run out to GNC this week and get whatever that angry man is yelling about in their radio commercials that makes you gain 10 pounds of muscle mass in 10 days, because we are playing Gold’s Gym at 6:15 kids! GOOOOO MONKEYS!

Now raise your frosty glasses and cheers to Scot and Michelle on what is sure to be a great, new and exciting adventure for them off to the East Coast! As bittersweet as it may be, let’s send them off right tonight! Shots anyone?? ; )

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