Monday, July 26, 2010

Yep we pumped them up....

The Crackmonkeys racked up another win this past weekend.

The guys and gals of Gold's Gym put up a solid effort, but this time our training and
conditioning paid off. Their immaculate pectorals and washboard abs were not enough
to withstand the withering onslaught of our monkey and Capt. Morgan powered bats.

All in all a fine defensive outing on our part. Lots of people made excellent plays.

Highlights for me included:
  • Alex pitched a gem of a game. He was gobbling up balls......err...He did a damn fine job of fielding!
  • Big D was doing yeoman's work, digging our lousy short-stops errant throws out of the dirt.
  • Micki was making sure that 3 rd base was appropriately named the "hot corner".
  • Lisa did a fine job of filling our Michelle hole (has anyone else noticed how this season we went from like, a billion Michelle's, to like one?).
  • Beef was bringing much sound and fury to the plate.
  • Tony made a catch that almost gave Cation a heart attack.
  • Lil' D brought the funk back to left field.
  • Liz got the game winning hit and Tony provided the leg to put Gold's out of their misery.
  • Cation yelled at me for something at some point in the game.
Also a couple of special shout outs. First to Stacey on celebrating her 29th birthday*, and thanks for the lovely gift I received. I will wear them with pride and possibly a cape. Secondly to Mr. Gold's Gym left fielder; lay off of the "supplements", you were looking a little restive out there my good man.

Thanks to our subs for rocking it again.

On to next week and another victory!


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