Sunday, August 22, 2010

One down, one to go

Ok, so I just realized that I had not yet done the summary from last week. I won the spirit hat for "taking someone out". It did not look as bad ass as the picture but I can pretend.
I'm struggling to remember what even happened in the game. I know it was a high scoring game----game summary:
We had a big inning, they had a big inning, we had another big inning and then they scored a few more runs. Crackmoney victory!
I know that Glenn had a homerun as he always does. Adam played the role of Alex Voss splendidly. A game highlight was when he turned to throw the ball to Michelle at 2nd and she was no where to be found. She was so amazed by his fielding that she was frozen in her spot. Lisa made some great catches in LC despite the BLAZING sun. Stacey rocked the Captain and Polar Pop in the dugout. I prefer Captain and rum myself. Macy became a more vocal Crackmonkey and cheered for us by name!
I know we had a ton of hits and I know I'm forgetting important accolades. Let's just end on a high note tonight!

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