Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've been very slow with these updates

and I have fined myself, don't worry.

Last weekend, the Crackmonkeys earned sole possession of first place in the regular season with an 8-5 victory over a very solid team. All 8 runs were scored in the first inning, which gave us a good start, but left some of us worried in the last couple innings.

I think just about everyone had solid hits in the first, and then we got complacent. I earned the spirit hat because I ran around a lot, and injured my knee, and then cried about it. Rick could have received it for his pitching. Michelle R for multiple solid hits. Micki did a dance at 3rd that had me excited as manager, as she caused an error AND scored, but it also turned me on in my pantaloons. And Glenn played RF. (Which he will be doing again tonight, sorry Glenn)

Combine that with an Astronutz victory, and there we are, alone in first. But we have unfinished business. Take care of things over the next two weeks, and we'll have a great party. So we start with a tough battle with the Astronutz tonight. We will be ready, and we'll be Monkeys...fighters, flinging poo.


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