Friday, February 6, 2009

On my single leg:

We officially welcomed James Ivaska to the CrackMonkey family this week.
James does not own a television, nor does he have a car with a radio, so therefore, he hears a lot of music in clubs, while dancing.
This includes the Beyonce song "Single Ladies"
James, while hearing the song in a club, heavy with bass and practically inaudible lyrics, believed Beyonce to be singing "On My Single Leg"
This is what I believe to be his dance, offering a hand to put a ring on it.

On a side note, we won our volleyball match in two crap-filled sets.

Here is a video:


James Ivaska said...

yep, that's pretty much the dance...and i still here on my single leg!

James Ivaska said...

and yes i just spelled hear, here....uh put your hands up!

Jamie said...

It's ok James. You can outplay most even on your single leg!

That video is hilarious!

Teach said...

I think you found our uniforms for next season.