Friday, February 27, 2009

Recap, since Jill won't do it.

This week, our team took on a solid blocking team in Aces and Knee Braces. Their team featured one man who was old, cranky, and pissed off. During the game, the Crackmonkeys got off to a 12-4 start, but lost the first set, due to some shaky hitting, serving errors, and other general badness. In not so stunning fashion, we came back in sets two and three behind the swings of Alex and James, and the passing of everyone else.
Drinks were then had by James, Alex, and Mike.

Now, on to Jill. Jill has requested to be taken off of the Crackmonkey blog as a contributor. I say we now proceed to mock her incessantly until she returns. I have already begun the process with this week's post.

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