Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scary Time

Good job to the four Monkeys who battled with me to a three set win. MVP honors to Judd for the Most in-Visible Player of the night. Thanks Judd! Highlights of the night include...

- Mike taunting the opponent's fearless leader with some friendly in your face clapping (tried to find a good pic of some intense taunting but this is the best I could do).

- Jill proclaiming pre-match that there was a good chance her pants would fall down. Those of you not in attendance will be left in suspense as to whether they actually did or not.

- Amber showing off her shoulder blades. Really hot stuff!

- Kathy's daughter cements herself as the Crackmonkeys' number 1 fan, with runner-up honors going to Julia.

Get some rest, Friday is going to be a long one for some of us.


RomanX said...

Sounds like an exciting game. Jill pant less! Amber's shoulders? And Judd being all awesome! I can only imagine what Friday will hold!

Vossman said...

Friday, no doubt, will lead to tomfoolery. I'll be starting at 7:30. Contact me to find out where we'll be.