Monday, June 8, 2009

No points for second place

It was a hard fought game, but ultimately the Crackmonkeys couldn't pull it out in the end (that's what she said). But in spite of the loss (6-10), there are many highlights worth mentioning:

* Micki's graceful slide into home that might, or might not have been on purpose

* Macy's pregame crawling/climbing/smiling/eating cheerios

* One of the Michelle's pulling both quads and then claiming to be old (The Bav)

* One of the Michelle's being called out for stepping out of an invisible batter's box (Webbie)

* Scot taking out his frustration by beaning a base runner trying to get back to first

* The waitress at Office II screwing up Derek's food order

* Derek trashing Office II because he didn't get his food

Better luck next week, team!

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