Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jimmy John's is Freaky Fast...

...when it comes to getting out in a softball game. Great job this week Monkeys, I think everyone left the field with a big grin. There's nothing like beating down a bunch of striped softball pant wearers by the 10 run mercy rule in 5 innings. Surprisingly, Jimmy himself was gracious in defeat, sending us this photo congratulating us on our victory.

Special props to Jason, today's Spirit Award winner. Jason subjected himself to a triple dosage of athletic activity today playing a 3 hour, 3 set singles match, a mixed doubles match, and then tonight's contest. Good luck getting out of bed tomorrow.

Other events of note:

-Webbie and Jamie's bombs over the outfielder's heads
-Tony flashing the leather out in left center
-Derek helping Micki slam on the breaks at 3rd
-Denise & Glenn's big cuts
-The battery of Alex and Michelle allowing only 1 run through 5 innings (way to call a great game Michelle)

Great D all around team. Happy 4th of July and let's rest up for the bar crawl!

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