Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1st game

After our first game, I was awarded the coveted nasty-ass spirit sun visor, and Cation informed me that I needed to blog about our first game of the season.

We lost a game where we were clearly the better team. Our opposition in slow pitch softball was terrified to swing the bat, and some of the women on their team appeared to be afraid to even stand in the batter's box. It's unfortunate that we lost, and even more unfortunate that they actually seemed excited and proud to have won a game in that fashion.

As we move on to our next game, I intend to both not get picked off of 2nd and join you guys at Hubers afterward!


Ed said...

Wait a minute... is this the Astronutz or the Crackmonkeys blog???

Mike said...

We like to intermingle. Woody played well on Monday. But he had a pitcher who had a complete meltdown as well....Ed, you and I have both had em...this was of epic proportions.

Michelle Ryan said...

Micki should've come to the mound to help you out.