Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeling Like I'm Home Again

Got to spend some time with Mike and Glenn this past weekend. Had a grand time. Almost as important, I got my brown CrackMonkey T-shirt. I've been waiting a long time for this thing. I almost cried a little bit.

My top 10 things I miss about Champoo-Banana
10) The 1.8 mile commute.
9) Being able to walk between bars.
8) Lil' Porgy's Chicken.
7) Cost of living.
6) Mandarin Wok Chinese Eggplant in Garlic Sauce.
5) Total freedom.
4) Bamba.
3) Playing softball with the Monkies (and the Nutz).
2) Awesome tickets to Illini sporting events.
1) Watching Mikey's love hate relationship with his "celebrity". :)


RomanX said...

What I don't even warrant a spot on the list! No reference to our drunken perambulations?!??

Mike said...

11. Glenn's unnecessary use of big words.

I have love written on my left knuckle. And hate written on my right. And I want D batteries. D, motherfucker, D.

RomanX said...

It was completely necessary! What is unnecessary is your lack of a good dictionary/thesaurus!

KingCandyCorn said...

You were on there. You made it in the preface and list items 9 and 3. Now I see that I missed two items I had originally intended for the list.

0) My peeps.
-1) Waitresses in pink dresses.

Ed said...

Sorry I missed the fun! Got to watch the Illini lose though. So that was kind of like going out in CU, no one ever really wins. I understand you all endured some collateral damage from the bachelorette party... sorry Bill.