Monday, September 8, 2008

So, our first game gets

rained out.


Tracy, Glenn, and Mike participated in the dinner portion of the Crackmonkey Monday nights, while Glenn and Mike also had the drinks.

Holly was discussed at length.

Michelle and Jamie shopped for paint instead. This is highly disappointing, and makes them seem old and highly domesticated.

Micki....oh, Micki.

A surprise guest appearance was made by Janet Rayfield, also eating dinner at Hubers (edit: let's try Farrens....Mike was thinking of his happy place when he initially wrote this). Nice work.

Other topics discussed at length: Tracy's inability to do any work on excel; extreme coloring; Sarah Palin; Which newscasters are liberal, and which are conservative.

The rest of you were missed.


Michelle Ryan said...

We missed you terribly. We are having such a hard time picking out a shade of brown...perhaps we should paint with poop.

Or pesto. I made pesto tonight, which does indeed seem old and domesticated.

Tracy said...

Nice message Mike...but weren't we at Farren's...or did you just have a brain fart...

Vossman said...

I'm attempting to figure out this blogging thing (this is why I don't do blogs or Facebook) so I can comment on Saturday's tailgating and football game. I have nothing witty to say regarding the rainout.