Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monkies beaten, but unbowed

I got awarded the spirit visor last night for brilliance in running all over the place. This was something I came to regret as I tried to jog up the stairs to my apartment and my legs collapsed. Ok, not really, but that almost happened.

We played a pretty solid game, I felt. But then again, it's hard to know what's going on in the infield when you're spacing out in the outfield. After Mike mixed up the roster, we all proved to be solid utility players, making plays all over and astounding the announcers and cheering section with our abilities.

The other team, after nearly losing by forfeit, showed up and demonstrated their ability to hit the ball hard up the middle, pop it into short outfield, or belt it to the fences, whichever they chose. We demonstrated an ability to get hits but not score.

I think the final score was 12-5, but honestly I forgot to look at the end of the game. Who really cares that much; everyone had a good time and is now looking forward to the costume ball next week.

Oh yeah, it was 29 degrees out.

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