Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recap from last Wednesday's Volleyball

A dubya was posted via forfeit from the opposing team last week... We stuck around a "played" a game with the 5 guys and one girl that showed up.

Significant events...

Mike took a stumble and tumble about the third play of the "game" and was subsequently out for the rest of the evening with an injured ankle.

Alex was intense, per usual.

Jill shrugged a lot according to Mike.

Amber continuously questioned Mike's injury status, meanwhile pulling a back muscle from attempting to hit one of Kathy's fabulous sets.

Emily was there. Quiet, but there. Then told Alex that she was quitting the team.

After the "game," which I have no idea who actually "won," most everyone departed for home. Or booze. Or both.

Edit accordingly, Cation.


RomanX said...

I have to say I take exception with your name, if your are a Monkey, you are obviously "Important".

Teach said...

So I'm a shrugger?