Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Movie Redux....

So more then 2 Crackmonkeys were in one location at one time. That means someone must report on the activities of the evening.

Our motley band of movie goers, marshaled its forces to Boardman's Art Theater.

We watched Religulous. It was thoroughly entertaining, though I suspect not standard fair for everyone. Though I felt is worth the 9 dollars and as a tool to promote dialog.

That all being said, I felt is was a fine time. Those not there were missed.

So we concluded the evening with drinking....probably a bit much for some of us. Tyler was being all whinny about a stuffed up nose! We told him to drink between breaths!

Anyway, there was a movie, some drinking, some pizza, and good times were had by all....



tyler said...

i stuck it out and had more than you.

RomanX said...

More drinks....nuh uh....remember what I started know that beer that was twice as large as your puny Miller Lite!

Also I had to leave early A) I had some Fallout to play, B) You and Joe looked like you wanted some snuggle time!

tyler said...

twice as tall != twice the volume.

weizen glasses are 500 ml/16.9 oz.

plus, you didn't have to leave early for joe and i to snuggle.

RomanX said...

Now no point did I say "twice as voluminous".

I didn't want to intrude! I know when I am being a third wheel!