Thursday, October 16, 2008

Volleyball recap from 10/15

The Crackmonkeys came out fired up in game one, jumping out to a big lead, and holding on to win game one.

Game two....not so much.

Game three was a race, which the Crackmonkeys won, knocking off the dreaded Scud Missile team in 3.

It was, in this writer's opinion, some of the worst volleyball ever. Our opponents, SCUD, were big proponents of dumping it over on one, lifting, double contacts, throwing, and other bullshit. Amber got upset that Mr. Sweatpants was so sloppy, and didn't know what he was doing, and swore. Jill and Kathy laughed through the match, especially when SCUD started yelling at sweatpants for being an idiot. Mike laughed through most of it too, until he got tired and sore. Alex was Alex, and played pretty big. And Sarah (welcome to the Monkeys) was scrappy, and took a shot to the head for the team. Good work.

So, the team is 3-1, which is not at all bad.

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Teach said...

Agreed...worst vball ever. However, you forgot to mention SCUD's quote, "We need ball." This, of course, was not going to just be let go by the Crack Monkeys and quickly become our slogan for the night.

And...sweat pant man also smelled really bad.

And...Amber practiced her ducking and covering twice in an attempt to steer clear of Alex.