Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Recap of Game

So according to Mike I am suppose to recap the game. Well.....I got mad at Cation for yelling at me NUMEROUS times...I asked Scot if he hit two home runs after we scored at home, which Cation said I needed to act cooler and not ask that at the plate....The team we played really likes to talk ALOT.....Something popped in Michelle's butt (would say *ss but still at work)...And I won the spirit award, but there was no Sonic.

So that is all I got...Cation might be adding more in the morning if this is not good enough.

See everyone on Sat.

Mike Cation's additions:
"Something popped in Michelle's butt?"

I will not refute any of Holly's comments about me yelling.
I would also like to add that Tyler again came up big in a substitute role, Holly slid in to home, which shocked everyone, considering that her third base coach did not tell her to run.
Woody got some solid shots in as well, as did Micki, Jamie, Michelle Ryan. Woody also looked good in yellow.
I only had one inning where I walked.
Tracy has volunteered to try pitching, but we need to get her to practice.
Also, Jamie is the world's softball champion, just to make sure everyone knows.
That's all.


Michelle Ryan said...

My actual quote was, "My *ss popped."

RomanX said...

And I believe my quote was, "Your *ss is always popping!". Although I may have had a dangling participle or two in there....

Michelle Ryan said...

I think Tyler should have a yellow shirt. He's important and shouldn't have to feel left out.